Fryer wins the Animal / Carve Magazine shootout

by admin on August 29, 2007

Roasting temperatures and amazing sunshine provided the perfect backdrop for the ultimate feel-good surf festival, the Animal Beach Ball, over the course of the last four days.

All eyes were on the heats with defending Newquay Beach Ball champion Alan Stokes who had a special £500 bounty on his head. He was on form and won one of his heats with ease but the waves did the former champion no justice in his third heat and he was out of the running for the grand cash final.

The grand final was held until later on Saturday and a beautiful sunset and highly entertaining commentary from Gadje Llewellyn saw Matt Capel, Dave Frim, Joe Moran, Johnny Fryer, Mark ‘Egor’ Harris and Joss Ash take to the water for the grand cash final.Given the small waves conditions, all six were scratching around to find a peak and Johnny Fryer nailed the one he needed and triumphed with a 6.5 score, scooping the £500 bounty for taking the title off Stoksey and a further £400 for the heats he won.

Johnny said, “I really loved the Skins format. You get so much more amped up! Once I won one heat it was great to get straight onto the next one and you just feel completely fired up rather than in a normal event where you’re hanging around for ages between heats. I’m Really stoked to win such a unique event”.

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